Best erasmus cities in Spain

Spain is the country that has most erasmus arrivals, but which are the best cities for the students? Here our recommendations of the best erasmus cities in Spain:

best erasmus cities in spain

Best erasmus cities in Spain

  • Barcelona: It’s Spain’s second largest city, with a big amount of activities to do. Thanks to the wealth of culture, you will never be bored, from visiting monuments, such as Parc Guell, to book celebrations in the streets of the city. Other than the big dimensions, Barcelona is near the sea, which is really enjoyable thanks to its nice weather. If you want to see where students live in Barcelona, take a look at this post.
  • Granada: It is one of the most common cities among students. The University of Granada receives the most Erasmus students each year, and with over 50,000 students living there. Thanks to this, life is cheap with a lot of special offers for students. Not only that, you could enjoy the Alhambra palace, which is one of the most important attractions in Spain. It’s perfectly situated between the seaside and the best mountains for skiing in the south of Spain, so you get the best of both worlds. Sounds good? Have a look at this post of the best areas of Granada for living.
  • Madrid: located in the centre of the country, Madrid is the capital of Spain. Almost 7 million people live in the city, and with many universities spread out, many of those are students. Being the capital, there’s no end of cultural activities to do. As if that wasn’t enough, with your travel card you can go to beautiful towns, which are next to Madrid, like Toledo and Alcalá de Henares.
  • Valencia is recognized for its universities and renowned business schools, which may be what attract students to the port city in the first place. However, what keeps people is perhaps the festivals and the beaches. For example, Las Fallas is a massive festival that attract Europeans across the continent every March. Take a look at this post, if you want to see the best neighborhoods in Valencia.

We hope this post has been useful and, as usual, we recommend you to buy a Menaki Box, to make your life easier when you arrive at your new city.

Have fun!

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