Best areas to live in Valencia for Students

Valencia is one of the cities most in demand by national and international students. Thousands of Erasmus students visit the city, but why? Well, the answer may be a combination of its beaches, the streets of the center, the places to go out for a drink, the port area …

But, let’s talk about what our concern. The best areas to live in Valencia for students.

best areas to live in Valencia for students

Best areas to live in Valencia for students:

  • Benimaclet If you are looking for an economic area and relatively close to the Campus Universitario (There is a tram line who will bring you there directly), the best option is to look for Benimaclet. It is an area that has a wide variety of shared flats for students, with really affordable prices for any pocket. Also, if you are a football fan, the Mestalla stadium is very close to this neighborhood of Valencia.
  • Ruzafa has become one of the best neighborhoods in Valencia; by excellence. Surely, if you ask someone where to go out in Valencia, they will advise you to go out in Ruzafa. Bars, art galleries, shops, pubs and clubs, it has it all! Even, it is a little further from the university, it has become a very busy neighborhood, full of young people and lots of entertainment.
  • Carmen neighborhood is rarely occupied by foreign students due to its central location and further away from the university. However, if you are looking for fun, it is your place. Thanks to the atmosphere and its shopping centers and restaurants is the perfect zone for living.

Any area in Valencia is a great place to live, just make sure to choose the one which satisfies more you needs (proximity to the campus, parties, prices…). Here, you can find some websites to start looking for a home.

We hope this post has been useful and, as usual, we recommend you to buy a Menaki Box, to make your life easier when you arrive at Valencia.

Have fun!

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