Where could I live in my erasmus in Spain?

The first thing you need to know if you want to live in a flat or in a student accommodation. Don’t you know yet? Don’t worry, we will give you all the options in this post, in this way you can answer the question where could I live in my Erasmus in Spain?

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Platforms to find the best accommodation

So, if you enjoy of your independence and feel more comfortable with a flat, but you need some flatmates, there is a list of platforms that you can use to find them:

  • Stuckers is a great place to start looking. They have the option to look for a place and flatmates, or just for roomies if you already have a place.
  • Another good web site is Badi. It allows you to look just for a room instead of a whole apartment. You can choose how long you are going to be there, which is very useful, taking into account that most of the rent contracts in Spain have a duration of 1 year.
  • Roomgo makes easy your research. It allows you to filter according to your budget, zone and many other features.
  • Donde me meto is a platform where you can find flat, roomies and student residences. To find the last one, this web is really useful because you can see all the residences in a zone at the same site. 
  • Uniscopio is another option. This site has other information which can be useful, like grants and universities’ opinions.

Maybe you prefer a student accommodation to have food and cleaning service. Here you have your best options to find one

There are your options. Now you know them, let us make you some advices:

We recommend you to start looking as soon as possible. Many students arrive in Spain and stay in Airbnb while they find a home, which can be a big mistake because, apart from the fact that this can be very expensive, to find a place to live in Spain is a hard work, so you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute.

Also, we advise you to read some reviews of the zone you would like to stay: How far is from your university, there are restaurants and supermarkets around…

And, as it is usual, we recommend you to order your Menaki Box to have everything you need at the time you arrive at your new home. Just choose what you need (kitchen stuff, bed sheets, towels…)

We hope this post has been useful and you can live the best erasmus experience. If you are living in Granada or Barcelona you can read our posts about the best areas to live.

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