Bars and restaurants you must go in Madrid

Planes para hacer en Madrid

I’m sure if you are a new erasmus student in Madrid, you are looking for the best bars and restaurants to have fun. So, here you have the lists of musts:

1. Let’s start with the basic that all Erasmus love: 100 Montaditos. Probably, you’ve heard about it, this is a chain of bars which offers you montaditos (Spanish sandwiches) and drinks at a very very low price everyday. Besides, if you go on Wendsday or Sunday, they have all the menu at 1€.

2. We all love tacos, but we love more tacos at 1€, so you can find it in Takos al pastor. They have several locals, where also you can find traditional Mexican beer, among other classics from Mexico. Go with time, because it has always a long line.

3. El Tigre is a Sidra bar in the center of Madrid, where you can find very cheap drinks served with free huge tapas. It is located in Calle de las Infantas, 23.

4. Let’s talk about Chinese food. One of the best Chinese restaurants is next to Plaza España, Calle de San Bernardino, 1. It is called Rey de Tallarines and you can eat the best Noodles of Madrid at the same time that you see how they made them.

5. If you’re a hamburger lover, you must go to Goiko Grill. This chain of restaurants is not only in Madrid, you can find their restaurants in other Spanish Cities. This restaurant is not as cheap as the others which I mentioned before, but their burgers are worthy.

We hope this post has been useful and, as usual, we recommend you to buy a Menaki Box, to make your life easier when you arrive at your new city.

Have fun!

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