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Once you arrive in the country, which will be your home for the next months, you face the problem of which company you should contract for having internet connection in your smartphone. We bring you a list of the best internet plans in Spain:

  • Más Movil offers 20 MG and unlimited calls for €13,9/month. Of course, this deal is just 1 month contract.

  • Finetwork give you 23MG and unlimited calls for €14,9/month. As well, it is just 1 month contract.

  • The cheapest one is Lowi for €7,95/mont. It has 8 MG and unlimited calls with 1 month contract.

Those are the best plans offered by new internet providers. If you prefer more traditional and old companies, you can contract:

  • Vodafone has a plan with unlimited calls and unlimited MG per €17,9/month (3 first months, after that it is €36,99). Min: 1 month contract.

  • The most famous provider in Spain is Movistar, which offers a plan per €26,99/month (first 6 months, after that 39,95€) with unlimited calls and unlimited internet data. Min: 1 month contract.

IMPORTANT! Location matters. Before to choose a company, make sure that it has a good connection in your city. Here you can find different maps with the connection of each company:


Movistar and its partners. The small companies don’t have their own connection and they use the connection of the big companies. The partners of movistar are: O2, Tuenti, Digi, Mobile, Aqua, Euskaltel, GTMobile, Lycamobile, Lobster, Ipo, ION, Mobile Futura SP and Pepephone. Therefore, if your company is in this list, you should check this map.

Vodafone and its partners ( Lowi, Fi Network, Hits Mobile, Lebara Móvil, BT Móvil and Neo) has this connection map.

Orange and its partners ( Amena, Adamo, Aqua ,Bankinter Móvil, Best móvil, Cableworld, Digame, Euskaltel, Fleximovil, ION Mobile, IOS, Jazztel, Jetnet, LCRcom, Llamaya, Lemonvil, Manga Móvil, MásMóvil, MovilDIA, Oceans, Parlem, Pepephone , PTV Telecom, RACC, Redmovil, República Móvil, Virgin Telcom, Simyo, Suop Mobile, You Mobile) offer this connection.

We hope this post has been useful and, as usual, we recommend you to buy a Menaki Box, to make your life easier when you arrive at your new city.

Have fun!

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