Best Spanish bank accounts for students

If you are starting your Erasmus in Spain and you need to open a an Spanish bank account, we have some recommendations for you. Firts of all, you have to keep in mind the following issues:

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To keep in mind to open an Spanish bank account:

Digital operation. It must allow all operations to be carried out over the internet, from hiring to administration or cancellation

Don’t pay fees. Most of bank accounts for young people don’t have any fees. So, don’t pay needlessly.

Linking. Most accounts for young people do not require you to purchase other products, or direct payroll or residence time.

The account has a debit card to operate. Also, you can ask for Bizum, a system of payments similar to Paypal which all the banks have.

Best Spanish bank accounts for students

Going to the important part. Which are the best Spanish Bank accounts for students?

Cuenta Online Sin Comisiones BBVA.

Cuenta N26

Cuenta sin nómina ING

In short, there are some options that you need to consider. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to pay just for having an account. If they ask you money for this service, I’m sure that there is another better option for you.

We hope this post has been useful and, as usual, we recommend you to buy a Menaki Box, to make your life easier when you arrive at your new city.

Have fun!

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